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Johann Strauss (Son)   |   1825 – 1899 |   Austrian Composer

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He was born on October 25, 1825. In order not to mistake him with his father Johann Strauss („Radetzky-March“), he is also known as Johann Strauss Son. His first performance took place in 1844, in the Dommayer’s Casino in Hietzing, now Vienna. In the following, he had gigs in Europe and North America. He was appointed as a “k.k. Hofball-Musikdirektor”, the Music Director of the Royal Court Balls, in 1863 and directed these balls until 1871. During this time, he composed dance music and was known as The Waltz King. He also composed operettas, marches and many quadrilles. Johann Strauss Son married 3 times, but never had children. For marrying his last wife, he acquired the German citizenship. On June 3,1899, he died of pneumonia in Vienna. His most famous works are “The Blue Danube“, “Viennese blood“, “Tritsch-tratsch-Polka“ and “Die Fledermaus“.

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