Austroducks gift:
you will receive a sheet of the new Austroducks gift paper for every order!

Interesting facts about all our ducklings:

When we designed these rubber ducks, it was important for uns that they bring joy and happiness to people of all ages. Our squeaking ducks should look good, feel good and float correctly and upright! And they should, as one would expect from a good rubber duck, consist of latex and not be manufactured from PVC.

Latex is a natural product with wich even the smallest can have a lot of fun. Babies discover the world with big eyes, and in the first months they like to explore with their mouths. They literally devour their toys and chew everything they can lay their hands on.

While many rubber ducks consist of PVC wich contains softeners dangerous to health, Austro-ducks are manufactured entirely without the use of softeners and solvents. They are hand-painted with latex colours during manufacture and are therefore most suitable for young children to play with.

We also use only environmentally friendly materials for the packaging of our rubber ducks. We are convinced that also small enterprises should take on responsibilities and hence we are determined to design our products so that they last.




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